Discover a Photography Workshop Experience like no other

This is NOT just another large group photo tour. Our workshops are meticulously choreographed to ensure you walk away with a series of stunning magazine-quality photographs, a wealth of new knowledge you can apply to your photos and an experience you will never forget.
Why should you choose our Photography Workshops?

Travel photography often focuses on landscapes and cityscapes, yet a country’s true heritage is its people. Our workshops have been designed to help photographers, both amateur and experienced, looking to capture that unique human element of a place.

But our workshops are so much more than your average photography class:

  • Dedicated photoshoot time with your chosen models
  • A choice of several carefully pre-scouted photo locations
  • Full use of our high quality portable photography kit: lights, wireless triggers, large reflector and a gorgeous circular 43” soft box
  • 1-on-1 professional tuition throughout the day, from planning through to photoshoot and into post-processing


Choose from one of our unique Workshops below to find out more:

Aztec Warrior Workshop in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.

Aztec Dancer Workshop

Create incredible photos with this hands on full-day workshop with indigenous Mexicans in the awe inspiring ceremonial dress of the Aztec people.